How to return the ticket

For ticket refunds must submit an application for a refund.

Fill out the application, the relevant currency, which was paid for ticket:
All the application fields to be filled, providing complete, current and correct at the time of filling information. Completed application you need to scan, along with a copy of the passport (page with photo) and send an e-mail

The refund amount is established by each carrier individually, and depends on the number of days since submitted statements prior to the rout. The exact amount of the refund you can check with the Manager of the contact center, call phone numbers listed on the website in Contacts.

Funds will be returned in the way that was used to purchase the ticket on those details from which payment was made, and the person who paid for the ticket. The term of refund is up to 30 calendar days.

If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information, the application shall not be processed and funds will not be returned. Sent without a completed application, the ticket is not cancelled and funds are returned.