Bus from Warsaw to Prague

Do You want to travel from the capital of Poland to the capital of Czech? Choose our company as the agent! We will find for you the most suitable trips and the best carriers, buses that will please You with the level of comfort! Also You can study the schedule and compare the prices and discounts on the site. Usually there is a possibility to buy a cheaper ticket for disable, students, pensioners, passengers with children and organised groups. Everyone can book it free of charge! The payment is also simple. We offer online methods of payment – for example, with the online payment systems “mPay” and “SkyCash” or to pay with a card on our site. We offer also money transfer – You can pay for a ticket from Warsaw to Prague in a bank, at post office, in offices of “Kantor Polski” and “Moe Rahunki” and also in cash boxes of supermarkets “FreshMarket” and “Zhabka”.But do not forget to print out the e-ticket after the payment!

Magic Prague

What can be more magic than Prague? The capital of Czech is very popular among tourists not because the city is one of European capitals. There are many reasons for such love! One of them is the Czech national cuisine which is represented in restaurants in the city center. But it is enough to come to the Upper Town and You will understand how beautiful the Upper Town is!  The Upper Town of Prague is the hill at the top of which there are different museums, restaurants and observation deck. And if You come down to the river via the beautiful Charles Bridge, You understand that sooner or later You will want to come back to Prague. And the company Combiway will assist You with this!