Bus trip to Wroclaw

Did you know that Wroclaw is the place of residence of the dwarves? Small bronze figures of dwarfs, no larger than cats, can be seen on the streets of the city. They roll a ball, wash clothes, trying to jump in with a lamppost and all kinds of distracting from the beautiful architecture of the city. And there is something to see! Annually Wroclaw attracted by its fabulous a lot of tourists and people who want to receive a European education and a high paying job.

Bus tickets on a bus Lviv-Wroclaw 

The bus ticket price of the direction Lviv-Wroclaw is affordable. But it is more difficult to find highest quality coach carriers that have a bus Lviv-Wroclaw with thermostatically controlled air conditioning to keep our passengers nice and cool in summer as well as efficient heating to keep them warm during winter, soft reclining seats, which also move sideways allowing more width and comfort for passengers sitting side by side, free Wi-Fi and electric sockets to power your laptops and mobile devices in our coaches, modern flushing toilets.

The price of bus tickets Lviv-Lublin

On the website "Combiway" and you will be able to compare all possible variants of trips to Wroclaw from Lviv. You just need to visit our website combiway.pl and find a bus ticket Lviv-Lublin. It is worth it to compare! Don’t only compare the price, but also the additional amenities offered by the various bus companies. Thanks to our search engine you will find all available bus Lviv-Lublin with only one click and get the bus that best fits your needs. You can pay in many different ways. Different carriers will offer you discounts and promotions. Discounts can be differ. As a rule, for pensioners, the disabled, children, students and groups traveling together about five or six people.

Buy ticket Lviv-Wroclaw

You can easily pay for ticket at any convenient way. For example: at the office in Krakow, by online credit card, by «Mpay» or «Skycash», money transfer in the Bank, in the Post office, by card via «Moje rachunki» or «Kantor Polski» or in the kass of the supermarkets «Żabka» or  «Freshmarket». After you need to print out and show the ticket before departure and and get ready to travel to Wroclaw.
If you need to cancel the trip — you will return the money for the ticket. If you have any questions — our specialists from the call center will always help. In short, you have no reason to abandon the purchase of a ticket to our company! We are waiting for you!