Bus tickets on bus Lviv-Warsaw

To buy a ticket on a bus Lviv-Warsaw — it's like buying a trip from your native lands, which has become your family! It happened that many people are leaving Lviv to the capital of Poland, because of geographic proximity, language and mentalities. That is why the residents of Lviv often hear phrases such: "Bus tickets Lviv-Warsaw"! Especially, when we are talking about company "Combiway", the online booking service and ticket sales. Because our company will help you to return to Warsaw in the most convenient way!

Bus trip to Warsaw

The price of bus ticket on a road Lviv-Warsaw is very attractive. All buses are fitted with:

  • free Wi-Fi and electric sockets for working, learning, chatting with friends and relatives – in short, lead a normal life, while remaining on the bus;
  • thermostatically controlled air conditioning to keep our passengers nice and cool in summer as well as efficient heating to keep them warm during winter;
  • soft reclining seats, which also move sideways allowing more width and comfort for passengers sitting side by side;
  • modern flushing toilets 

You'll find it in the bus Lviv-Warsaw. The ticket price includes all of the facilities and conveniences.

Payment of e-tickets

Do not forget to buy a ticket, even in the Internet! We offer to pay for tickets Lviv-Warsaw in any of the following ways:

  • in payment systems “MPay” and “SkyCash”is fast and absolutely safe.
  • with a card on our site;
  • money transfer – in a bank, at post office;
  • in offices of “Kantor Polski” and “Moje Rahunki”;
  • in the kass of the supermarkets «Zabka» or «Freshmarket».

If you have any questions, immediately contact our technical support. Please remember: an e-ticket need to print out to give to the driver. If you decide to cancel a trip, you are guaranteed to get back the paid money for the ticket.
And Warsaw, and the Lviv have a lot in common, but last time this community is increasing due to the huge number of residents of the city who migrated to another cities. For them we provide all the comforts! Join to us and go to a trip!