Bus trip from Lviv to Lublin

Many residents of Lublin are actually originally from the Lviv or its surroundings. We all know that Poland become a huge opportunity for those who want to get a European education, earn money and just live in Europe. But once the vacation ends and you will need to return home to Lviv. The company "Combiway" is service to search and buy bus tickets at the best price on a bus Lviv-Lublin!

Bus tickets on a bus Lviv-Lublin

Of course, you can always find out popular bus connections like Lviv-Lublin in the internet. The price of the tickets is quite affordable. But where is the guarantee that the bus Lviv-Lublin, will include the provision of comforts, includes modern and air-conditioned buses. Each vehicle features free Wi-Fi. The majority of our buses are equipped with reclining leather seats, which also move sideways. Use the service of the company "Combiway", you will be able to get a ticket on such transport!

The price of bus tickets Lviv-Lublin

You just need to visit our website combiway.pl and find a bus ticket Lviv-Lublin. It is worth it to compare! Don’t only compare the price, but also the additional amenities offered by the various bus companies. Thanks to our search engine you will find all available bus Lviv-Lublin with only one click and get the bus that best fits your needs. You can pay in many different ways. Different carriers will offer you discounts and promotions. Discounts can be differing. As a rule, for pensioners, the disabled, children, students and groups traveling together about five or six people.

How to buy a ticket on a bus Lviv-Lublin?

You can pay for the tickets Lviv-Lublin: at the office in Krakow, by online credit card, by «Mpay» or «Skycash», money transfer in the Bank, in the Post office, by card via «Moje rachunki» or «Kantor Polski» or in the kass of the supermarkets «Zabka» or  «Freshmarket». After you need to print out and show the ticket before departure and and get ready to travel to Lublin.

If you need to cancel the trip — you will return the money for the ticket. If you have any questions — our specialists from the call center will always help. In short, you have no reason to abandon the purchase of a ticket to our company! We are waiting for you!