Bus tickets Lublin-Lviv

Lublin is the city of inspiration, but you want to go back to home again and again! In this way think people, who had a job contract and students of Lublin. And start to think — what would be the transportation to go home in Lviv, during the holidays or vacation. Many people choose a bus Lublin-Lviv. The ticket price is always low from coach carriers, and all buses is really very comfortable. Usually people are waiting for good comforts in the bus. Passengers usually take a book, magazines and crosswords. And free Wi-Fi and electric sockets for working and studying, and a variety of entertainment, and thousands of ways of communicating with friends and relatives, watching movies are become closer! Enough to buy a ticket Lublin-Lviv in company "Combiway", and the issue has been resolved!

Bus trip from Lublin to Lviv

The international search engine "Combiway" offers a wide selection of reaching route Lublin to Lviv. Ticket prices will be exceptionally low, with possible discounts. On the official website of our company, you can get a discount on the road. As a rule, for pensioners, the disabled, children, students and groups traveling together about five or six people. You need only to choose desired trip and way of payment: at the office in Krakow or in Warsaw, by online credit card, by «Mpay» or «Skycash», money transfer in the Bank, in the Post office, by card via «Moje rachunki» or «Kantor Polski» or in the kass of the supermarkets «Zabka» or «Freshmarket». After we will send you a e-ticket to the e-mail, you need to print out and show a printed ticket to Lviv before departure.

Returning to the motherland Lviv!

Lublin — a city that criticism of architecture is called the Kingdom of the so-called "Lublin Renaissance". Here you have opportunities to learn and work. Lublin — the city which you can walk for hours, enjoying the beauty of the historical center! Well, Lviv is home, where live your relatives and friends! Here, too, has Old town, where tourists like to visit, too. The company "Combiway" will help to get home without any worries and problems, with maximum comfort, and as soon as possible!