Bus tickets online

Today, world travel is available to everyone thanks to the Internet and the huge number of proposals for bus transport. Everyone chooses for themselves what is preferable – to travel by plane, by train, by bus or by car. However, bus passengers have certain advantages – affordable prices and high level of comfort, enhanced by the speed and safety of movement.

Booking and buying tickets on the buses

Nowadays it is unacceptable to waste precious time on public transportation and stand in line at the bus station ticket office, it is possible to buy bus tickets online, spending just a few minutes. Our service of booking and sale of tickets online Combiway gives you the opportunity to choose route to book and purchase bus tickets online, saving not only your time but also your money.


Simple and easy payment  for tickets from Ukraine and Poland

Our undeniable advantage is the ease of payment both from Ukraine and from Poland. You can choose any convenient method and time to pay.
Cash or card:
• in the network of supermarkets "Zabka" and "Freshmarket";
• application via "Moje Rachunki" and "Kantor Polski".
Money transfer:
• in the Bank or in the mail;
• using "mPay" and "SkyCash".
By Cash:
• in the company's office (see Contacts).
We accept cards of any Bank, with the hryvnia and zloty!

A wide range of carriers and discounts on tickets

On our website you will find a large selection of carriers that offer many routes in various destinations in Europe, mostly in Poland, Germany and Ukraine. Provided by carriers, buses are equipped with everything necessary for long trips with a soft reclining seat, air conditioners, toilets, free Wi-Fi and power sockets. Thus, your journey will be comfortable and interesting – after all, you will be able to go about your business, with the benefit of spending interesting time in transit.
 However, with us you will find not only buses, but also great discounts from coach carriers:
• for students;
• for pensioners;
• for children of different ages;
• for persons with disabilities;
• for groups of 5-6 people.

The discount is set by the carriers. But you have the opportunity to use search engine for trips and choose the road, that will discount for you and your companions!
On our website, you can select the most suitable seat and time of departure and arrival of the route, and to book and buy bus ticket online, using any convenient payment method.
Paid electronic bus ticket will be sent to the specified email, all you have to do is print it and show it to the driver. With the printed ticket in your wallet, you can easily collect your luggage and go to the bus station, where you will wait for a comfortable bus!
 If you have any problems, when booking or buying a ticket online, please call the listed contacts phone numbers and our managers will help you!